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The Birth of Lyric

May 24, 2018

So this month I decided to do something a little different. I asked my client to write her birth story down from her perspective! 


When I birthed my daughter there were so many details that I left out of my birth story when telling others. So when I sat down and wrote everything down, wow were there moments that I never wanted to forget. Writing can be SO powerful. It jogs your memory in ways talking doesn't. I hope you enjoy this tidbit from the birth of Lyric written by her mother Melissa.

Lyric Grace’s birth story! 

April 11th, 2018 


The day before I gave birth to this beauty we went for another long walk, bounced on the birth ball all day, red my birth affirmations and my collection of letters that family and friends had sent to me, and relaxed when Nate got home from work. At 2 am that morning I started noticing some cramping and by 5 they were full on consistent contractions, but still in the pre-labor phase. Nate and I began to time them as the intensity increased and the time in between shortened. Around 5:30 my parents showed up along with my Aunt Gail. As they began to set up for the home birth Nate labored with me. 7 o clock came and things started to slow down. Uncertain why, Nate and I decided to take a walk to try and get things going again. When we got back I told Gail to head to work and we would call her when things picked up again. She is a chiropractor and before she left at 8:30 she adjusted my hips and then Nate and I laid down to take a nap. The second she walked out our door it was game on and my contractions picked up on a much more intense scale. My dad at this point decided to take LeAnn, our 2 year old, to the park so she could blow off steam and I could be as loud as I needed. 


Over the next hour we made sure they stayed consistent and then I told Nate to call our midwife, Tiffany, and our birth photographer, Jackie. They both showed up at 10. As I began to transition from the bed to the birth pool things were definitely happening fast. Much faster than LeAnn’s 6 hour labor! 


I got in the pool around 10:30 which allowed me to feel weightless. I remember being in the zone and focused on breathing Lyric down. Contractions were getting closer and closer and as I bared down into Nate he would whisper in my ear everything I needed to hear. You are doing it babe, we are about to meet our baby girl, breathe your baby down, keep your voice low, relax your jaw, you can do this, I am here! Meanwhile my mom is crushing ice outside with a mallet trying to stay strong and calm for me and managing the right time to bring LeAnn back into the picture. 




Tiffany and her assistant provided relief in too many ways to count including peppermint Essential oils to help with my nausea, a water message with the hose on my back (holy cow this really kicked everything into high gear...must have been the energy of everything rushing down), pressure point massage, assured me that baby and I were safe and healthy, and they were there for me and encouraged me the entire time! Jackie was so incredibly great at being present, saying how strong I was, and capturing our birth story in all of its primal glory! 2 and a half hours of intense energy pulsed through my body. There was no controlling it. There was only letting go, opening, and giving in to my bodies natural impulse. I met every contraction like an ocean wave crashing into a rocky cliff! 


Before I knew it Tiff told me to start pushing and three pushes later I heard Tiff say, she turned and she’s coming towards you Nate. I looked down and there she was! 





As Nate and I both brought her up from the water, I passed her to him and I sat back to catch my breath. Lyric Grace arrived at 11:18 am on April 11th. I love that Nate and I both were able to receive her and bring her into this world! The first thing I said to her was, “We did it!!! We are home baby!” There are seriously no words to describe the feeling of when they laid her on my chest. She was calm and healthy and I looked at Nate and felt so much love and gratitude for him and for being my rock through this! LeAnn came into the picture minutes after Lyric was born and was a little confused at first.



We moved to the bed and got settled for skin to skin time and delayed cord clamping. LeAnn was in awe and eventually got on the bed with us and just watched wide eyed and curious. As we began our first feeding LeAnn was gifted a new Elsa doll that was from her baby sister Lyric. She loves this doll so much and her excitement for the arrival of her baby sister started to settle in. She played with her doll while Lyric and I nursed. After our first feeding Tiff came back in to take vitals and all that good stuff! 7 lbs and 4 oz, a whole pound bigger than LeAnn at birth. 






This experience was one that I wouldn’t change for the world, one that I will never ever forget, one that makes me fall in love with my husband even deeper, and one that makes me incredibly proud and empowered to have given my baby girl a beautiful birthday!


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