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The Birth of Bradleigh- My Birth Story

November 16, 2017

On October 1st, 2017 at 4:33am my baby girl Bradleigh was born at home. I'm so grateful for these wonderful images taken by Love Is: Photography. If you haven't had a chance read about the blessing way that was hosted to help bless my home birth space- here


Going into my home birth I had a lot of fears, fears that I would not succeed in a successful home birth, that I would end up having to transfer, etc. After my blessing way I felt a lot safer in my birth space, my home. With my first I had a textbook hospital birth, I got to achieve everything on my birth plan except delayed cord clamping. Was able to opt for all natural with the help of my amazing mother, brother and husband by my side. 


On September 31st, I had started my day off with a breakfast with Jenn, the owner of Colorado Mountain Doulas Agency- I had been having consistent contractions throughout breakfast, so we decided to start timing them. They were progressing and getting more intense as breakfast went by. I went home thinking that "today was the day", but boy was I wrong. All day I had contractions that seemed to come and go. Increase in intensity, then completely drop off. It was so frustrating. With my firstborn it had been a fast labor and intense quick birth, so this time around I was confused what my body was doing. I went to bed that night in tears, frustrated that my baby girl wasn't in my arms yet.


At 4am I woke to intense cramping, in my head I thought "oh great, here we go again- a repeat of yesterday" but I decided anyways to pull out my phone and track them. Indeed they became more intense and closer together. At the point where I started not being able to talk through them, I knew that this was the real deal. I texted my midwife and birth photographer. We then proceeded downstairs to get my birth tub blown up and filled. 


Labor was quick and intense, I remember as everyone hustled around me to get my pool ready the intense urge to push. I quickly climbed into the tub and asked/screamed at my mom to ask where my midwife was. She reassured me she was just minutes away, before I know it I looked up and my sweet birth photographer and dear friend Brezi entered our house, camera in hand.


I remember clenching for dear life, praying that I wouldn't have to have my husband crawl into the tub and catch our second born. I HAD TO PUSH. It's funny how time to a laboring feels like hours when in reality it's minutes. I remember the sweet relief of seeing my midwife and her assistant walk into our front door. 


My husband climbed into the tub with me and before I knew it I had started to push. Up until that point my water hadn't broken, so as her head started to poke through my water sac was intact. Once her head came through my water broke and shortly after I watched as her face appeared from the water and into my arms. I remember feeling that it wasn't real, was I really holding my baby in my arms?! I'm so grateful to my birth team that made my home birth possible. I will never, ever forget this empowering experience. Thank you to Jolene Hamann for coaching me through pushing, you are so much more than just a midwife. Thank you to Brezi for capturing so much more than just birth photos, for being truly such a beautiful asset to my birth team in more ways than one. Thank you to my mom and dad for flying miles to come and be with me during this huge change in my life. Lastly, thank you to my husband for always believing and supporting me, WE DID IT. 









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