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Common Misconceptions/Questions About Birth Photography

December 15, 2016

I've put together a few questions and misconceptions I've heard over the course of being a birth photographer. I think that in some ways as a profession, we are not respected for how much work that we do. This is just my perspective and thoughts on these points, they are not meant to offend anyone. I think that everyone has a right to their opinion, and this is mine. Hope you enjoy! 


1. Birth photography is so expensive!

I look at birth photography as an investment. I know that a lot of people see the dollar sign attached to birth photography packages and are taken back. But let's be real here, if you're willing to invest thousands of dollars into a wedding photographer why wouldn't you do the same for your child's birth? It only happens once, not to mention it's one of the most life changing moments in a woman/families life. Also take into consideration, as a birth photographer we are on call- which means we miss birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, you name it, we've probably had to run to a birth! Part of the job means that we have a babysitter on call, a backup birth photographer, we drive separately to places just in case we get the call. We live the "on-call" life. These are some things that people might not take into consideration when hiring a birth photographer.



2. Birth photography is about the "crowning shot". 

Before I got into this profession and even had my daughter, I thought the same thing. I thought birth photographers would just come when you're pushing, snap some pics of baby crowning and then the job was done. Oh no, no, no! There's so much more to it than the "crowning shots"! We are there for active labor up until 2 hours post-delivery. Which means we capture memories of your significant other helping you labor, the moment baby lays on your chest, the first latch, I could go on and on but you catch my drift ;) As a birth photographer I aim to capture the full "story" of your birth. 

3. When is the ideal time to hire a birth photographer?

In my opinion I think the earlier the better. Not only for money purposes but so that you can get to know your photographer well. Over the course of your pregnancy your birth photographer checks in and builds a personal relationship with you. Almost all of my birth clients end up friends! As a birth photographer, you become part of their birth team, which means being very involved in a clients pregnancy. As a birth photographer, you're there for such a big moment in their lives that you end up having a very unique connection with your clients. Money wise- some birth photographers offer payment plans. So say you book at 16 weeks, that means you have approximately 21 weeks to pay off your package! 



4. What happens if you can't make the birth? 

As I mentioned above majority of birth photographers have backup photographers. Meaning, that in the rare case that something happens and we're unable to make a birth, we have someone that we've worked closely with, or know well to come and capture those special memories. It assures that when you hire us, we've got all ends covered.


5. Is birth photography your full time job?


Birth photography is a job that requires you to be on call from 37 weeks on- which means you have to be available around the clock if a client goes into labor. You might get a call at 2am and be there till 2pm the same day, it's part of the job. I love what I do, this is my career.

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