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Mother to Mother Midwifery- Meet Carmen Lackett

November 12, 2016

When I got pregnant with my daughter I was so misinformed on the concept of childbirth. I had never heard about a doula, midwife or birthing center- in my mind a hospital birth was the only means of giving birth. Becoming more active in the birth community I have learned so much! I often wonder though how many expectant families out there are as misguided as I was when I got pregnant with my first, there are other options for births.


I had the wonderful chance to sit down with Carmen Lackett- Certified Professional Midwife and owner of Mother to Mother Midwifery here in Colorado Springs. My goal was to create a blog post that is informational to those out there who may not know what other options there are besides a hospital birth. 

I decided to come up with some questions that I think will help families understand midwifery better. I'm so grateful that Carmen let me pick her brain about her profession. 

What happens at a home birth?

I come into your home when you are ready for me to be there, most preferably before your baby is born. My assistant and I will set up for the birth of your baby.  Being at home allows you the options of being cozy in your house or meandering on walks outside.  The process is really your choice and what feels the most comfortable for you all the while, I make sure that everyone is safe and handling labor well. Birth works. Healthy moms build healthy babies.  Babies that they can deliver safely in their own home.  Throughout the process I help you to gain the confidence to birth the baby that grew inside of you for 9 months.


What are some of the benefits of a home birth?-

You don’t have to leave your house- you can birth in the comfort of your own home. You have a lot more choices provided to you that will fit your family dynamic. Home birth gives you choices that you may not have in the hospital.  You can choose where you birth like a birth tub or the position you birth. Whatever is the most comfortable for you. 


What does care with a midwife look like?
I see people from early in pregnancy.  Each appointment is usually an hour long where we will talk about your pregnancy, how you're feeling, what you are eating, and typical care of the pregnant woman.  I feel that it is important for the appointment to be a safe and comfortable time for you and your family.  


Are home births covered by insurance?-

We’re considered out of network- some insurance will cover it but some insurance companies might reimburse you for some of the fee.


What do you love about midwifery? -

What I love most is watching parents become parents- whether they’ve had one kid or several kids. I also love watching parents do their own research and really find out even in pregnancy, how they’re going to raise their child.


Carmen has some awesome resources on her website to find out more about home births.









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